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An Embassy, 850 Pounds of Cocaine and Now 6 Arrests

Photo The authorities in Moscow making arrests on Thursday during a cocaine smuggling investigation. Credit Argentina Minstry of Security PINAMAR, Argentina — A former Russian diplomatic worker and an Argentine police officer were among six people arrested on Thursday after a 14-month investigation triggered by the discovery of hundreds of pounds of cocaine at the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires. “We have dismantled an international cocaine trafficking organization operating between Argentina, Russia and Germany,” Patricia Bullrich, Argentina’s minister of security, said in a televised news conference. She said the seizure…

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One of the world's largest rental-car companies is ending a key partnership with the NRA

Joe Raedle/Getty Images Enterprise Holdings, one of the world’s largest rental-car companies, is ending a key partnership with the National Rifle Association. The conglomerate, which operates Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent a Car, and National Car Rental, said it ended a discount program available to NRA members, effective March 26. That follows a move by First National Bank earlier Thursday to end a credit-card promotion with the gun-advocacy group. The developments come more than a week after a deadly mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, and amid escalating demands for greater accountability…

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Xcerra ends merger deal, says CFIUS approval was unlikely

Xcerra (NASDAQ:XCRA) -2.6% after-hours on news it will terminate its sale to China’s Hubei Xinyan Equity Investment Partnership, citing difficulty in securing U.S. approval for the deal. XCRA says it has become evident that CFIUS – the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, the panel with oversight of deals that could lead to national security concerns – would not clear the $580M transaction. XCRA provides testing technology for semiconductors and electronics, and the U.S. government has blocked other attempts by Chinese interests to buy makers of the chip…

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Another Shooting, Another Gun Debate. Will the Outcome Be the Same?

By evening, one anti-gun group had mobilized and already sent out its first email: “RESOURCES + EXPERTS AVAILABLE: Florida High School Shooting.” Another group, Everytown for Gun Safety, founded and financed by Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York mayor, activated the 1,500 members of its “survivors network,” and soon paid $230,000 for an advertisement in The New York Times shaming pro-gun lawmakers. The National Rifle Association followed its own playbook: remaining silent for several days — a recognition that its message might be unwelcome during the initial burst of…

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Winter Olympics Women’s Figure Skating: Live Results

But Evgenia Medvedeva and Mirai Nagasu will try two triple-triples. If they land them, the extra points might make a big difference. Photo Elizabet Tursynbaeva of Kazakhstan. Credit Chang W. Lee/The New York Times Kazakhstan’s Tursynbaeva Skates to Early Lead American television viewers may not be seeing it yet, but the early skaters are on the ice. The early leader through seven skaters is Elizabet Tursynbaeva of Kazakhstan, skating to Celine Dion. She fell, but did well enough on her other triples to ease into first. We’ve Heard This Playlist…

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Beijing Takes Over Anbang, Insurer That Owns Waldorf Astoria

Photo The Waldorf Astoria hotel, a symbol of New York elegance, will be under the control of the Chinese government. Credit Karsten Moran for The New York Times BEIJING — The Chinese government said on Friday that it had seized control of Anbang Insurance, the troubled Chinese company that owns the Waldorf Astoria hotel and other marquee properties around the world, and charged its former chairman with economic crimes. The move is Beijing’s biggest effort yet to rein in a new kind of Chinese company, in this case one that…

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Gov. Eric Greitens of Missouri Indicted on Invasion of Privacy Charge

“With today’s disappointing and misguided political decision, my confidence in our prosecutorial system is shaken, but not broken,” Mr. Greitens, 43, wrote on Facebook. He suggested that the charges were the work of a “reckless liberal prosecutor who uses her office to score political points,” an apparent reference to Kimberly M. Gardner, the St. Louis prosecutor whose office presented the case to the grand jury and who is a Democrat. A lawyer for Mr. Greitens, Edward L. Dowd Jr., said in a statement that the charge was baseless and that…

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Right and Left React to the Deepening Divide Over Gun Control

The political news cycle is fast, and keeping up can be overwhelming. Trying to find differing perspectives worth your time is even harder. That’s why we have scoured the internet for political writing from the right and left that you might not have seen. Has this series exposed you to new ideas? Tell us how. Email us at [email protected] For an archive of all the Partisan Writing Roundups, check out Our Picks. From the Right Photo Wayne LaPierre, the N.R.A. chief, address conservative activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference…

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