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Martha’s Vineyard Has a Nourishing Magic for Black Americans

The fact is, strivers are responsible for making Oak Bluffs a destination: Formerly enslaved people, or their descendants, bought property around Baptist Temple Park in the early 20th century, drawn by the religious services held there. Teachers, politicians, lawyers, doctors, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs all arrived and flourished for decades afterward. Photo Ms. Harris in the kitchen of her pink-trimmed cottage in the Oak Bluffs section of Martha’s Vineyard. Credit Elizabeth Cecil for The New York Times This summer was my seventh on the island, and I was itching for…

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Q&A: In an Arkansas Town, Music Is Key to a Comeback

What attractions are planned for the district? The amphitheater and music hall will be venues for music concerts by both famous and lesser-known artists and also for touring Broadway shows. The cabaret restaurant will host performances by cabaret acts from around the world and also have comedy shows. Photo Terry Stewart, the chief executive officer of Ed Dorado Festivals & Events. Credit Murphy Arts District The effort to revitalize El Dorado pulled you out of retirement. Why? I met the principals of the Murphy Arts District, which is a nonprofit…

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Chasing the Deal: In St. Lucia, a Celebration of Chocolate

Photo Guests walking the estate at Jade Mountain, where they learn about the tree-to-bar production process. Credit Jade Mountain St. Lucia’s once-thriving cocoa industry is undergoing a slow revival, said Eurice Henning, who grew up on a farm with cocoa trees in the northeast of the island and started the bean-to-bar chocolate company, Amazona Cocoa, a few years ago. “There are a few companies that popped up in St. Lucia making their own chocolate bars,” Ms. Henning said. “Now, people are starting to see the value in coming up with…

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Travel Tips: How to Save Money on a Trip to Britain

Photo Credit Lars Leetaru A luxury vacation to the United Kingdom isn’t only for the deep-pocketed set, said Nicola Butler, the owner of NoteWorthy, a London travel company specializing in upscale trips around Britain. “The favorable exchange rate between the dollar and the pound make the United Kingdom a more affordable destination in general, and there are other ways to have a high-end trip without paying high-end prices,” she said. Here are Ms. Butler’s top tips. BOOK WITH A TRAVEL ADVISER There’s value to be had, Ms. Butler said, by…

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Pet City: When the Delayed Passenger is a Potbellied Pig

Eight months after its high-profile opening, the Ark — nestled along the winding back roads of Kennedy’s cargo country among mysterious boxy buildings and power plants — is starting to live up to its name. In addition to cats and dogs and goats and horses, the Ark has hosted a potbellied pig who needed a place to wait after missing a connecting flight, 235 racing pigeons that got stranded for three days, and an agouti, a giant 8-pound rodent that the Minnesota Zoo was shipping to the Bermuda Zoo. The…

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Explorer: The Wonder Women of Botswana Safari

According to John Aves, a Briton who manages the female guide team, “The ladies have developed quite a tough skin as far as that’s concerned. They stand up for themselves. They give as good as they get out there.” Continue reading the main story There are more similarities than differences between the male and female guides in Botswana. They complete the same rigorous schooling. They are paid equally. Their days begin and end in darkness, starting about 4:30 a.m. until well after the sun sets. They cite the same reasons…

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A Day at the Beach in, Yes, Gary, Indiana

Photo The Indiana sand dunes. Credit Lyndon French for The New York Times Gary, Ind., is rooted at the bottom of the U-shaped curve of Lake Michigan, a region of crisscrossing highways, casinos and forests of smokestacks. Gone are the days of the Jackson 5, its greatest claim to fame. Gone are many of its other residents, the prosperity of its steel mills, the letters listing the showings on the Palace Theater marquee. Gone, too, are the Chicagoans each day of the summer, stopping, if at all, for gas as…

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Itineraries: Airports (Like Carriers) Use Twitter to Ease Travelers’ Concerns

“They want to make sure the passenger feels his or her time and money is well spent,” said Henry Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst at Atmosphere Travel Group. The most recent study on airports and social media, “The Power of Social Media for Airports,” conducted in 2013 by the management consultants LeighFisher, found that nearly a third of airports worldwide maintained Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. European and Canadian airports were the leading users. Travel experts said they see social media as replacing antiquated passenger communications. “Instead of giant screens…

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