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Don't tar us all with same brush, says tech exec after culture concerns sparked Uber's CEO departure

Getty Images Predictive analytics can help the operations including those of wind farms, freeing up employees for more productive activities, says CEO of Uptake Technologies, Brad Keywell. “I think the fourth industrial revolution of major industries is not about getting rid of people and it’s not about machines taking over, it’s about people at their very best based upon data, insight and action,” said Keywell, who is also a founder of Groupon. For instance, data from existing assets can be used to optimize the operations of wind turbine or alternative…

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A top analyst says only one thing matters for Apple's stock right now: China

Zhang Peng | LightRocket | Getty Images An Apple store in Hangzhou, China. UBS top analyst Steven Milunovich has pinned Apple success to its sales in China. Optimistic about iPhone 8 sales, Milunovich raised Apple’s price target to $170 and encouraged investors to buy thanks to the iPhone’s estimated 15 percent unit growth in China. A Monday report from UBS models a 30 percent recovery in Chinese iPhone unit sales during fiscal year 2018 following two years of 20 percent unit declines in the Asian country. Read Story

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Costco investors are overreacting to Amazon's threat, analyst says

Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images A cashier waits for a receipt to finish printing at a Costco Wholesale store in Naperville, Illinois. Costco shares have tumbled over worries the Amazon and Whole Foods Market merger will hurt the retailer’s business. However, one Wall Street firm says it is time to buy the dip. Raymond James raised its rating for Costco shares to outperform from market perform, predicting the retailer’s business will not be “materially impacted” and its sales growth will remain solid. Costco shares fell 13 percent through…

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Chart analyst sees a troubling similarity between the rise of chip stocks and bitcoin

Rich Ross, technical analyst at Evercore ISI, is getting bearish on the whole market, but not too bearish, predicting a pullback of 3 percent on the S&P 500 and 5 percent on the NASDAQ-100. The call is based partly on complacency, partly on the time of year, and partly on what he sees are disturbing trends in other asset classes: “While global equity trends remain strong and prices near record highs; volatility is at the lows; the put/call hit its lowest level of the year; and crude, the dollar, yields…

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Bits: Daily Report: Automation’s Effect on Developing Tech Economies

Photo Sudhakar Choudhari was recently laid off from his job at Tech Mahindra. Credit Atul Loke for The New York Times That many workers in the United States will eventually be replaced by technology seems inevitable. The question is when — not if — it will happen. For the workers’ counterparts in India, the concerns are similar. Over the last decade or so, Indian outsourcing companies have managed to lure a number of jobs out of the United States, leading to a growing tech middle class in their home country….

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Tech Tip: Moving Your E-Books to a New E-Reader

Q. My old Nook e-reader died. Did all the books I purchased on it go with it? Can I get the books again on a new Nook? Photo Once installed, the Nook mobile app displays the library of previously purchased e-books that can be downloaded to the new device. Credit The New York Times A. The demise of your Nook hardware does not mean that the e-books you purchased from Barnes & Noble’s online store are lost forever. Like other e-book shops (including those for the Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBooks…

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Ex-Barclays chief says banking could face its own ‘Kodak moment’; urges banks to embrace fintech solutions

Simon Dawson | Bloomberg | Getty Images Antony Jenkins, former chief executive officer of Barclays “We’re really at the end of the beginning of what we see as a revolution driven by technology with financial services and fintech is really a too narrow categorization of what’s going on here,” Jenkins told CNBC at the Money 20/20 Europe fintech conference in Copenhagen on Monday. “As the technologies develop and season, they’re going to create a totally different way of doing banking and financial services.” In 2015, the former Barclays boss warned…

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Apple will probably bring AR to the mainstream before Google

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images An attendee demonstrates the ARKit, augmented reality tool, on an Apple Inc. iPad Pro during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California, U.S., on Monday, June 5, 2017. Apple has often been accused of acting like it invented things that others have been doing for years. That complaint is not without merit, however Apple can lay claim to transforming existing things into mainstream successes, which takes no small amount of invention in its own right. Fingerprint authentication and contactless…

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