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Only Ethical Marketing Will Stand the Test of Time

Ethics took a hit during the 2016 election cycle. Sometimes it seems the hits just keep on coming. From Kellyanne Conway’s innovative term, “alternative facts,” to former Gen. Michael Flynn pocketing a cool half-million in cash, politics, already seemingly rooted in the mud, got dirtier. Is there anything from the recent activity in Washington D.C. that marketers can learn? Oh yes. Every business, from the smallest mom and pop store to the largest multi-national company, can choose to be straight, transparent and fair with their customers — or not. When carried out…

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3 Strategies for Thinking and Acting Courageously

To be successful in business, you must be bold and have courage to take calculated risks. Courage often makes the difference between overcoming a challenge and staying stuck, paralyzed and afraid to act. The main difference between those who courageously act and those who don’t boils down to how we view fear. Courage is not the absence of fear. Instead, courage is being willing to work though fear and discomfort in whatever situation you face. Courage means you allow challenge and adversity to be a catalyst to help you grow…

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Science Knows You Need to Get a Life Outside of Work. This Is How You Do It.

If you’re like most employed Americans, the majority of your day — close to 9 hours — is spent working. If you’re like most entrepreneurs (including myself), add three to four hours to that number. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for socializing, being with your family or progressing on a hobby or passion project, kicking back and relaxing, or working at your hobby. Even worse? Americans are putting off retirement by continuing to work into their seventies and eighties. Is this because we’re workaholics? Not exactly. Unlike most countries around the world, we…

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Investors are betting 3DR can find life after Solo as a drone data platform

An early player in drone-tech, 3D Robotics Inc., announced that it has raised $53 million in a Series D round of funding on Thursday, including new equity funding and conversion of debt equity. Atlantic Bridge led the round joined by Autodesk Forge Fund, True Ventures, Foundry Group, Mayfield and other undisclosed investors, according to the company statement. The company didn’t break out how much new capital it saw coming in the door in this round. We reached out for more information. But for now, it’s hard to ascertain how much runway…

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For OpenGov, President Trump is proving a boon for business

OpenGov, a Redwood City, Ca., company whose software helps local governments keep transparent financial records, has been picking up speed in a variety of ways, and co-founder and CEO Zac Bookman traces some of that momentum to the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president. “We had the best Q1 in company history. It’s typically a quiet quarter, and we blew the top off” our internal projections, says Bookman. He adds that OpenGov has seen a 20 percent surge in job applicants, too. It’s easy to see why Americans may be growing…

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3 Proven Ways to Stay Consistent, Meet your Goals and Realize Your Dreams

After years of running my own small business and observing successful people, I’ve come to one important observation about the true key to success: Be consistent. The entrepreneurs and leaders who show up every day, display their best selves day-in and day-out, year after year — those are the successful ones. In the same way that empires are built brick by brick, financial prosperity is created dollar by dollar and fitness is achieved one bicep curl at a time, consistency is what makes great men and women. So, how do you develop…

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4 Actions to Immediately Increase Your Confidence

Each of us wants change in our lives. We want to become a highly acclaimed speaker, a best-selling author. We want to move up the ladder at work, or build a business empire. We want to introduce ourselves to an important person or ask for a raise at work.  Yet, there’s a hitch: While many of us want hese things, we hear our inner selves saying, “That would be awesome! But I could never do that.” And it’s our job to shush that inner self. Because if we just sit around and…

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Don't Wreck Your Retirement: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Personal Finances

Economist Richard Cantillon is credited with having coined the word “entrepreneur,” which literally means “bearer of risk.” And that makes sense: A risk-averse entrepreneur is as much of an absurdity as a tightrope walker who’s afraid of heights. In fact, entrepreneurs actually thrive on uncertainty. They have to be scrappy and resourceful to effectively grow and scale their businesses; and that outlook has a trickle-down effect. According to research by Startup Genome, properly scaled startups grow up to 20 times faster than those that scale prematurely. Moreover, 93 percent of…

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