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Columbia Football Keeps Winning. Some Fans Aren’t Happy About It.

For the moment, alumni dollars aren’t reflecting any such jaundice. On Oct. 18, the annual Columbia Giving Day yielded over $3.1 million in pledges for athletics, compared with $2.7 million in 2016, according to Lauren Dwyer, the university’s senior associate director of athletics development. Last year, about $260,000 was earmarked for football; this year the total so far is $302,000, Ms. Dwyer said. In general, current students are more enthusiastic than battle-hardened alumni. “I don’t know about you, but I’ve found my heroes,” wrote Joseph Siegel, a sophomore, recently in…

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On Pro Basketball: N.B.A. Coaches Had Long Stretch of Stability. Has the Chopping Block Returned?

There are some reasonable explanations to account for such an unusually favorable coaching climate. A whopping 14 teams introduced new coaches to start the 2013-14 season. Nine teams began the 2014-15 season with new coaches, followed by six new hires entering 2015-16 and 10 more to open last season. A period of relative calm after that amount of turnover was perhaps inevitable. Throw in the presence of a few long-tenured coaches who have copious amounts of job security — namely San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich, Miami’s Erik Spoelstra and Dallas’ Rick…

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World Series Preview: A Matchup With No Underdog

The engine of each team’s offense has a look all his own. Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner revels in his long, red hair and shaggy beard — and hit .322 with a robust .945 on-base plus slugging percentage this season. Astros second baseman Jose Altuve is the shortest everyday player in the majors at 5 feet 6 inches — but this season he’s probably the best player, too. Altuve led the majors in batting average, at .346, and hit .400 in the A.L. playoffs. “Jose Altuve is a perfect player,”…

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For Game 1 of the World Series, Mother Nature Will Bring the Heat

All of this represents a drastic swing from recent World Series weather, especially considering that Game 2 of last year’s Series between the Indians and Chicago Cubs had a game-time temperature of 43 degrees in Cleveland. The unusual heat in Los Angeles also comes amid a period of extreme weather events around the country, such as the devastating hurricanes that have hit Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida; temperatures of over 100 degrees in Portland in August and San Francisco last month; and the wildfires that have raged through parts of…

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Sports of The Times: My Field of Memories: I See the New Dodgers and Summon the Old

My angst goes way back to when baseball was baseball, when the World Series was played in God’s own sunlight, and the bad guys in pinstripes jumped up and down on my beloved Brooklyn Bums — the great rivalry of this sport, two teams from the same city (more or less) meeting in six World Series in one tense decade. Photo Carl Furillo after Game 6 of the 1953 World Series against the Yankees. Credit Robert Walker/The New York Times So much history. So much pain. The humble, scorned and…

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On Pro Football: Cowboys Rout 49ers on the Field. But Who Won the Anthem Showdown?

In fact, the vast majority of N.F.L. players chose the Cowboys’ way when it came to the anthem on Sunday, suggesting enthusiasm for mixing football and politics is waning. Eleven owners met with players and officials from the league and the players’ union last week to find a graceful way out of the impasse. Notably absent was Jones. He holds close two statistics: How many players are protesting and what the demonstrations are doing to the bottom line. Through Week 6, the N.F.L. is down slightly in TV ratings, though…

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Donations Will Help Former Tennis Prodigy Get Career-Saving Surgery

Another donor, the author Steven Gillis, paid Black’s outstanding $1,800 orthodontist bill. Black had not seen an orthodontist in more than a year because she could not afford to pay her bill. Thanks to Gillis, she recently had her braces removed. Black also raised $40,180 in a little over a month through an internet crowdfunding campaign. She thought that would cover the cost of her surgery and rehab. But the operation alone turned out to be roughly four times as expensive as she had expected, about $62,000. “I feel so…

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Seahawks 24, Giants 7: The Seahawks Are a Little Dysfunctional. They’re O.K. With That.

For much of the first half Sunday, Seattle’s offense was inept and bungling. And, of course, that led to a scuffle on the sideline. What would a Seahawks football game be without at least a little chaos on the bench? With Seahawks down by 4 points in the second quarter, a meeting of players from the sputtering offensive unit became heated, with receiver Doug Baldwin shoving the team’s offensive line coach, Tom Cable, who had been addressing the players. Baldwin was shouting in the direction of his teammates — not…

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