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China Enshrines ‘Xi Jinping Thought.’ What Does That Mean?

To underline that point, the congress also added a second mention of Mr. Xi’s ideas to the constitution: his call to modernize and strengthen China’s armed forces. By enshrining Mr. Xi’s ideas as “a new component of the party’s guide for action,” the party is putting Mr. Xi on a doctrinal pedestal alongside Mao and Deng. Until Tuesday, those were the only two Chinese leaders whose names appeared in the constitution’s list of fundamental doctrines, which mentions “Mao Zedong Thought” and “Deng Xiaoping Theory.” Adding Mr. Xi by name also…

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Black Executives Raising Voices, and a PAC to Back Them Up

The main organizers — including Charles Phillips, chief executive of the software company Infor; Tony Coles, head of the biotech firm Yumanity Therapeutics; Marva Smalls, global head of inclusion strategy for Viacom; and William M. Lewis Jr., co-chairman of investment banking at Lazard — are still in the planning stages for the PAC. Photo President Barack Obama meeting in 2009 with financial leaders including Kenneth I. Chenault, left, the chief executive of American Express. Credit Susan Walsh/Associated Press They are focused on areas like access to education and employment, as…

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401(k), Megyn Kelly, World Series: Your Tuesday Briefing

Megyn Kelly strikes back. • “What on earth would justify that amount? What awfulness went on?” On Monday, the NBC host remarked on the $32 million that her former Fox News colleague Bill O’Reilly had paid to settle sexual harassment allegations. • Ms. Kelly, whose new show has gotten off to a rough start in the ratings, also shared part of an email that she sent to Fox News executives in November complaining about Mr. O’Reilly’s behavior. Photo Megyn Kelly has talked increasingly about sexual harassment. Credit Chad Batka for…

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Joshua Wong and Nathan Law, Hong Kong Protest Leaders, Freed on Bail

Granting the two men bail in a 10-minute hearing on Tuesday morning, Geoffrey Ma, the chief justice of the city’s Court of Final Appeal, said the possibility of their appeal application was not “entirely hopeless.” Photo Joshua Wong arriving at court on Tuesday in a prison van. Credit Bobby Yip/Reuters Mr. Wong and Mr. Law were released on bail of 50,000 Hong Kong dollars, or about $6,500. They were also ordered to surrender their travel documents and report to the police once a week until Nov. 7, when a court…

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Europe Edition: Donald Trump, Syria, Migrants: Your Tuesday Briefing

Meanwhile the Philippines declared an end to months of warfare against Islamic State-inspired militants in the city of Marawi, but fears linger that remaining groups of militants will strike again. _____ Photo Credit Geert Vanden Wijngaert/Associated Press • Most European Union member countries backed a French proposal to overhaul temporary labor migration rules that have pitted Western members against Central and Eastern peers. (Above, Emmanuel Macron, the French president.) Labor ministers debated a compromise that would set a time limit for E.U. citizens working in other member countries before they…

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One Meeting. Two Photos. Many Questions.

But the version released by Mr. Ghani’s office erased the large digital clock showing “Zulu time” — the military term for Coordinated Universal Time — and a red fire alarm behind Mr. Tillerson and Mr. Ghani, in what would be a giveaway that it was an American military facility. Photo The photo released by the office of Afghanistan’s president, where a clock above the television sets was removed. Credit Office of the President of Afghanistan Mr. Ghani’s office did not immediately respond to queries about why its version of the…

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Congressional Auditor Urges Action to Address Climate Change

But Senators Maria Cantwell, Democrat of Washington, and Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, who jointly requested the report, said between the lines of a conservative government audit was an urgent economic message that Washington should heed. Continue reading the main story “The Government Accountability Office — if you will, the chief bean counter — is basically telling us that this is costing us a lot of money,” Ms. Cantwell said. “We need to understand that as stewards of the taxpayer that climate is a fiscal issue, and the fact that…

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Argentina’s President Says Election Gains Bolster His Reform Plan

And more broadly, the gains by the Macri alliance appeared to be another setback for the left in Latin America. In Brazil, the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff in 2016 brought an end to 13 years in power by the Workers’ Party. And in Chile, former President Sebastián Piñera, a conservative, appears to have a comfortable lead in the race to replace the center-left president, Michelle Bachelet, next year. Seeking to capitalize quickly on Sunday’s results, Mr. Macri said he would call the country’s governors, key lawmakers and leaders in the…

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