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The Interpreter: Canada’s Secret to Resisting the West’s Populist Wave

While there is no magic answer to populism, Canada’s experience offers unexpected lessons for other nations. Continue reading the main story A Different Kind of Identity In other Western countries, right-wing populism has emerged as a politics of us-versus-them. It pits members of white majorities against immigrants and minorities, driven by a sense that cohesive national identities are under threat. In France, for instance, it is common to hear that immigration dilutes French identity, and that allowing minority groups to keep their own cultures erodes vital elements of Frenchness. Identity…

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Tycoon’s Claims Reverberate in China Despite Censorship and Thin Evidence

But it is already near impossible to hold a private conversation with anyone in the Chinese capital who takes an interest in politics without talk turning to Mr. Guo and his unverified insider tales of elite corruption and power plays. People here have followed each unveiling of Mr. Guo’s often long-winded allegations by creeping around China’s barricade of internet censorship. Continue reading the main story “I don’t think the party has ever had a big businessman so boldly challenge it like this,” said Bao Tong, a former senior aide to…

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The Breakdown: Australia, Diverse and Graying. Also: Johnny Depp, and a Controversial Push to Decrypt

So, what does the fresh ink show? 1. What a Diverse Country! Australia may be the most culturally diverse country in the developed world. Around one in two Australians have at least one parent born overseas. Continue reading the main story In fact, Australia has a higher proportion of people born overseas (26 percent) than Canada (22 percent), New Zealand (23 percent) and the United Kingdom (13 percent) — and nearly twice the proportion as in the United States (14 percent). Despite its historic ties to Britain, overseas-born Australians are…

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Hope Ryden, Wildlife Protector and Photographer, Dies at 87

In “Lily Pond: Four Years With a Family of Beavers” (1989), she described beavers’ sociable dam-building, kit-rearing and playful shoving matches, observed in Harriman State Park in Rockland County, N.Y. Photo Ms. Ryden wrote two dozen books on wildlife, including “America’s Last Wild Horses” (1970). Credit Lyons Press “Like Japanese wrestlers, the contenders would square off, grip one another’s loose ruff with their black satiny hands, and then drive forward with all their might until the stronger one propelled the weaker backward into deep water,” Ms. Ryden wrote. “Breast-to-breast, cheek-to-cheek,…

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A 20-Pound Lobster Impresses Airport Security, but It’s No Record Breaker

Photo A T.S.A. agent with the 20-pound Atlantic lobster at Logan International Airport in Boston. Credit via Transportation Security Administration On a conveyor belt of bags, purses and laptops at Boston Logan International Airport on Sunday, one meaty package was clamoring for an additional security screening. Next to the rest of the luggage that morning, it was a fish out of water and appeared overstuffed, perhaps too big to fit under an airplane seat. “I don’t know what would have triggered what we call an alarm, whether it was the…

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Kushner Adds Prominent Lawyer Abbe Lowell to Defense Team

Photo Abbe D. Lowell, center, in 2014. Mr. Lowell is a trial lawyer who has represented figures from both parties in high-profile cases. Credit T.J. Kirkpatrick for The New York Times WASHINGTON — Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, has added to his legal team one of the nation’s most prominent trial lawyers, Abbe D. Lowell, his lawyers said on Monday. Mr. Kushner was already represented by Jamie S. Gorelick, a former deputy attorney general who is known for steering clients — often behind the scenes — through complicated…

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Mayors, Sidestepping Trump, Vow to Fill Void on Climate Change

“There is no question that the federal withdrawal of national leadership is a step backward,” Mr. Garcetti said in an interview. “But before Paris and after the withdrawal from Paris, most of the local action has taken place at the mayoral level.” Continue reading the main story But some mayors quietly opted not to embrace the initiative. Many conservative Republicans, represented in Washington by leading climate change deniers like Senator James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma, agree with Mr. Trump on the Paris accord and say it will unfairly hurt American…

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How I Got the Shot: To Photograph a Galápagos Tortoise, Get Out of the Race

Photo “On the last day of my assignment in the Galápagos, I noticed a couple of tortoises on the road that leads from Puerto Ayora to the airport. I asked my driver to stop the car.” Credit Federico Rios Escobar for The New York Times Times Insider shares insights into how we work at The New York Times. In this piece, the photographer Federico Rios Escobar explains how he drew a particularly large subject out of her proverbial shell at a recent (and spontaneous) shoot for a Travel section cover…

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